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2959 Series Planter Unit Mounted Fertilizer Coulter


  • $ 380.00
  • Save $ 70

Give crops a faster start and place fertilizer for plant roots with the planter-mounted 2959 Injection System coulter. The coulter blade cuts a slot to inject liquid fertilizer two inches to the side of the seed and can be set to inject either shallower or deeper than the planting depth. Add a floating row cleaner to the 2959 Injection System to accomplish both residue management and fertilizer placement during planting.


  • 16" ripple or 25 multi-wave blade cuts a slot 2" to the left or right of the row
  • Features adjustable depth settings for desired fertilizer placement
  • Comes with standard adjustable hose barb, or order with optional spring tine injector for adding an injection tip and orifice
  • Add the 2967-180A Floating Residue Manager to move residue while placing fertilizer
  • Optional mounting kit for Precision Planting CleanSweep® enables air adjustment of floating row cleaners 2959-107

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