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6200-005 Yetter Twister Closing Wheels Complete

6200-005 Yetter Twister Closing Wheels Complete


  • $ 215.00
  • Save $ 35

We are currently low on stock for complete Twisters, more will arrive around March 1st.  If that timeline works for you, please place your order.  We will confirm with you the order prior to processing everything.  Call for questions.   

  • Includes 2 complete wheel assemblies
  • Utilizes twisted poly spikes and a rounded center to close the planter disc opening
  • Can run as a pair of spikes or in conjunction with a factory-style rubber wheel
  • Improves seed trench closing even in the most severe conditions
  • Enhances seed-to-soil contact and helps prevent yield-robbing air pockets
  • Eliminates potential for sidewall compaction
  • CALL ON JD 7300, 7200, 7000 BEFORE ORDERING

Yetter 6200-006 Poly Spike Inserts Only

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