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2930/2950 Yetter Disc-Chisel Coulters


  • $ 460.00
  • Save $ 80

Designed to utilize blade sizes from 16" to 20", the spring-loaded 2930/2950 Coulter is used for many applications. It is able to adjust vertically and deliver maximum down pressure, and its depth can quickly be adjusted to the desired setting with the toolbar mounting bracket. The 2930/2950 is designed to be mounted ahead of fertilizer application equipment or on toolbar tillage equipment.


  • Spring pressure is adjustable; increase factory setting to cut through tougher soil conditions
  • Quickly adjust depth setting by adjusting the 1 1/2" diameter shank at the mounting bracket
  • Accepts 16" to 20" diameter blades (see blade selection chart)
  • Mounting kits available to accommodate C-shanks
  • Accepts optional fertilizer injector kits See

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