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2920 Yetter Max Sealer Plus

2920 Yetter Max Sealer Plus


  • $ 550.00
  • Save $ 100

Reduce erosion and control fertilizer loss with the 2920 Max Sealer Plus. It utilizes dual notched discs or Shark Tooth Wheels to pinch or catch soil to cover and seal the knife opening.
  • Blade options include concave 18" notched discs or Sharktooth Wheels Features adjustable blade angle and width to adapt setup depending on desired speed, operating depth, and type of knife being used
  • Independently operating arms facilitate outstanding residue flow and continuous soil contact
  • Bolts onto the following: 1" x 2" and 1 1/4" x 2" flat shanks, 1 1/4" square-coil shanks, and 2" shanks

**This product ships directly from Yetter

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