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M-Series Curvetine is

Surepoint Ag

  • $ 400.00
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Priced for Pair of Curvetines.  Comes with New M-Series Hub that can be interchanged with other Dawn M-Series Wheels

The Curvetine™ M-Series Closing System has unique curved teeth to chip-in side wall compaction without ejecting soil from the seed zone.
Unlike straight tooth wheels, the curved tooth eases out of the seed zone while providing consistent seed-to-soil contact for uniform emergence.
We do not recommend running drag-chains or seed firmers with the Curvetine closing wheel, the wheel creates an ideal seed-bed in most conditions without any additional equipment.


The M-Series allows you to cater to the demands of local field conditions. Quickly change from our proven curved tooth in minimally tilled ground, to heavy-duty rubber in conventionally tilled ground.

The M-Series Curvetine™ (1202 R/L) is drop-forged, and has a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking.

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