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Closing Wheels

New Ag Supply specializes in matching the best closing wheels at the best prices to the conditions, planting style, soil type, residue management practices, and crops planted on YOUR farm.  If you would like some suggestions on models that we feel would be best for you to look at give us a call at (620)938-7009! We have had the opportunity to be around planters in 48 states and 9 Canadian provinces planting everything from the smallest vegetable seeds, to canola and fababeans, to record setting corn & soybeans. We currently run a wide variety of closing wheels on own planter just to learn more about each model we sell.

Below is some studies from Becks Hybrids Practical Farm Research.  We are in now way affiliated with Becks or plant their seed, but it is great research of closing wheels and may other agronomic practices. For more information on Beck's PFR Program visit