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Copperhead Ag Case IH 1200 Series Conversion Kit & Furrow Cruisers

Copperhead Ag

  • $ 265.00
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The kit includes a single bracket, 2 complete Furrow Cruiser wheels and the hardware to install the kit.  

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The simple conversion takes a matter of minutes to convert your Case IH planter from the single packing wheel to the 2 wheel Furrow Cruiser closing wheel system.  Pull the bolt and the single packing wheel off of the tail piece.  Slide on the Copperhead Ag bracket and attach it with 2 bolts thru the existing holes.  Attach the 2 Furrow Cruiser spiked closing wheels to the bracket and the conversion is completed.

The Furrow Cruiser Case IH Conversion Kit can be used on the Case IH 1200 Series planters.

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