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Yetter Spoke Gauge Wheel


  • $ 130.00
  • Save $ 70

Traditional closed gauge wheels tend to plug when planting conditions are less than ideal. The Spoke Planter Gauge Wheel from Yetter helps you avoid that frustrating downtime. The open-wheel design allows soil and residue to flow through the spokes, so you spend more time planting and less time cleaning out gauge wheels.


  • Direct replacement for standard factory OEM gauge wheels
  • Open-wheel design allows soil and residue to flow through without plugging
  • Designed for easy installation and access for maintenance
  • Models available in 3" x 16" and 4.5" x 16" widths
  • Durable cast-spoke design handles high load capacities and allows for quick bearing replacement
  • 4.5" x 16" use 7/8" long lip rims.  They will work in all applications
  • 3" Tires use 3/8 standard lips.   For XP, ME or Exact Emerge JD Planters, we highly recommend XP Arm Stops. They will keep the gauge wheels from hitting your larger hub openers when the planter is lifted.  If running a rear fertilizer attachment they may not be needed or if running the new Coyote Gauge Wheel Arms.  Call or message us if you have a question. 

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