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Thrash Master Concaves

C&C Combine Performance

  • $ 8,700.00

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Thrash Master Concave System allows combines to cut faster, cleaner, and not sacrifice loss or quality of grain.  The New Patent Pending Thrash Master Concave System increases the thrashing surface area, giving the combine the ability to thrash better and more aggressively without sacrificing the grains ability to escape the rotor without being damaged.  Some of the benefit include; 30% more trashing surface area than factory concaves, 10%+ less cracked or damaged grain, and increased harvest speeds by up to 5-10% or more. The Thrash Master Concave System can be used in all crops and takes only one wrench to change between crops.

Set includes:

John Deere - 3 Concaves with Case Hardened Bars and Cover plates needed to harvest all crops

Case IH - 2 RH & 2 LH Concaves with Case Hardened Bars and Cover plates needed to harvest all crops.

Only Harvest Corn and Soybeans - Get less cover plates and save money.  Select Corn and Bean Package. Save $300

Models Available for

Case IH Flag Ship - 7010, 7120, 7130, 7230, 7240, 7250, 8010, 8120, 8130, 8230, 8240, 8250, 9120, 9130, 9230, 9240, 9250

Case IH '88 Series Concaves coming soon!

John Deere - 9660STS, 9670STS, 9760STS, 9770STS, 9860STS, 9870STS, S660, S670, S680, S690  

‘We run an 8120 and were having problems throwing over in rice. We started playing with different concave systems and rasp bars.  After trying two competing aftermarket concave systems, we still were not happy with the performance.  We decided to give the Thrash Master Concave System.  We stuck them in and will not be taking them out.  The rotor design got more of the crop out in the early stages of the concaves bring down rotor loss significantly.  That in turn helped separate better and got us down to less than 10 grains of rice per foot loss which is a vast improvement.   Grain quality also improved to almost zero percent broken grain.  It is a truly complete system for improving trashing, separating, and grain quality.’ – Casey in South TX.

‘We really try to push through Corn Harvest as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We installed the Thrash Master Concave System into our combine and were able to increase our speed in our corn.   We did this while decreasing our fan speeds, lowering fuel costs per acre, decreasing our cracked grain, nearly eliminating rotor loss, and meanwhile putting a cleaner sample in the grain tank.  Very happy with the results.’  Darrell in South TX.