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RK Product Closing Wheel Update Kit (worn tailpiece)

Copperhead Ag

  • $ 23.00
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This kit replaces the bushing on a closing wheel arm with a bearing.  It can be used on brand new planters and on planters that already have some wear to the closing wheel arm.  Having the closing wheel arms tight is critical to keeping closing wheels centered on the seed trench and ensuring that your closing wheel can operate at peak performance.  If your arm is worn, you will need to weld a bearing housing on to the outside of the tailpiece to hold a ball bearing.  If the closing wheel arm is new, this is not necessary and saves a lot of cost and work.  

Please specify model of planter so that the correct kit is sent!

Price is per row.

Cams are recommended for 7000 planters with holes, and Kinze 2000/3000 series planters.

If you have a 7200/7300 Planter you must buy one Locator Bushing Kit.

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