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Groff Ag 3 Hole Finger Row Cleaners

Groff Ag

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The new greaseable hub design for Groff Finger Row Cleaners offers superb residue management and was developed to prolong bearing life and provide added strength to the finger wheel. Our customers have experienced significantly longer bearing and blade life. The new greaseable hub is now standard on all 3-hole hub Row Cleaners. Or use our optional 3/8" abrasion-resistant finger wheel made to use in rocky soils.

Design features include:

  • One piece greaseable, machined hub
  • Two 1" tapered roller bearings
  • A Triple lipped seal
  • 1" steel shaft is equivalent to a 1000 lb trailer axle
  • Dust Cap
  • Self-cleaning fingers enter soil horizontally, emerge vertically, allowing tangle-free operation
  • Pulverizes clods, removes residue with minimal soil disturbance
  • Superb performance at a wide range of depths
  • Improves soil to seed contact
  • Moves residue from a wider path - reduces planter bounce, insuring more uniform seed depth
  • Minimizes wrapping in damp conditions, reducing hair-pinning and wedging
  • Groff Finger Row Cleaners offer the same trouble-free operation as standard row cleaners
  • Eliminates residue in planter drives
  • Adjusts easily in 1/4" increments  - closed bracket and long, aligned pin
  • Easy, instant removal without tools
  • Groff Ag Finger Wheels are specifically protected by U.S. Patent No. 5,497,836

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