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2967-115 Yetter Pin Adjust Residue Manager For 2960-127 & 2690-015 No-Till Coulters


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  • Save $ 57

The industry’s first coulter/residue manager combination, the 2967-115 Pin Adjust Residue Manager works with the Yetter 2960-127/134 No-Till Coulter for residue clearing and soil preparation during planting. The Pin Adjust Residue Manager for No-Till Coulters can be installed on John Deere, White, and Kinze planters. The 2967-070 QuickAdjust™ option adds floating capability to this pin-adjustable row cleaner. 

  • To adjust depth setting, relocate pins
  • Optional 2967-070 Quick Adjust mechanism adds floating capability so residue manager adjusts to follow soil contour added on Standard and Shark floating models.
  • Is available with a range of residue management wheel options
  • Mounts to row-unit faceplate

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