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2968 Yetter Single Disc - Unit Mount in Between Fertilizer Opener


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    The 2968 Row Unit Mount In-Between Single Wheel Fertilizer Opener is one of the most flexible fertilizer openers on the market. Designed to be installed behind the gauge wheel, this opener achieves consistent fertilizer placement on the left or right side of the seed.
    • Achieves consistent off-the-row starter or nitrogen fertilizer placement
    • Can be set to apply fertilizer from 1-1/2" to 2" off the row
    • Utilizes a 10" disc for easier penetration
    • Has compact design for easy mounting
    • Is located behind gauge wheel, eliminating fertilizer buildup on gauge wheel
    • Depth is adjustable in 1/4" increments - up to 1/2" below the seed
    • Allows the use of other attachments on the front of the row unit
    • Fits mounted and pull type planters
    • Recommended for fertilizer rates under 15 gallons per minute in most situations.  Over 15 gallons consider the Dual Disc Opener.  Call for recommendations! 
    *Comes in Right Hand and Left Hand Models
    ***Select model for your planter***  Fits John Deere, Kinze, White, & Harvest International
      Yetter 2968 Dual Disc Opener


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